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The Cheapest Way To Ship

Cheap Car Shipping | Lowest Auto Transport | Affordable Cat Hauling
Learn How To Ship Your Car The Cheapest Way Possible

Affordable Low-Cost Auto Transport

Everyone wants to save money

In order to save money when shipping your car, you must first understand the basics of how auto transport rates are calculated.   

The following will explain the best ways to ship your car for cheap

What Determines The Cost?

Cheapest Car Hauling

Learn the factors that go into the cost of auto transport services. 

Rates For Common Routes

Cheap Car Hauling Rates

See what certain routes generally charge based on national average rates. 

Getting The Lowest Price

Low Cost Auto Shipping

The details on shipping your car for the lowest price available. 

Factors That Determine Car Shipping Cost

Car Transport Pricing Factors

 These are the main factors that determine what you car transport cost will be.

  Before you hire the first company you find with the lowest quote or price, there are a few little details you should know about the auto transport industry.
 Knowing these little facts of information will help you understand how auto transport is priced allowing you to find the lowest rate possible when shipping a car.

Pickup & Destination

Cheapest Way To Ship Vehicle

 This is very important as it is one of the main factors in generating your auto transport quote.   
 The origin & destination zone is the reason why you're having your auto transported in the first place.   
 For some reason, you don't want to drive it yourself.   
 Whatever the case, one of the most important points in getting your vehicle from point A to B is the distance in between which would result in fuel spent per mile.   
 Car transport companies should focus on where you are moving from and to and the mileage between the two and basically use that as a baseline when compiling your estimate when pricing.   

When It Needs To Ship

Ship Car To Another State For Cheap

 We can help you move your vehicle anywhere in the United States.   
 All we require is you keep an open mind and allow us at least a 2 to 4 day pickup window to allow our staff to coordinate your move and prepare the driver for dispatch.   
 All details would be sent to you by email.   
 We remind you that communication is key for a successful transport.   
 These factors will be highly considered when calculated for you when your quote is issued as everything is based on availability. 

Type of Vehicle

Low Prices Car Transport

 Larger vehicles cost more to transport. Many pickup trucks, SUV’s, minivans and cargo vans come with β€œoversize/overweight shipping fees.”   
 This is of course due to the added weight & size when transporting.   
 These are gathered based on size and weight of the vehicle you are shipping, and are included in the quote.    
 This is why shipping a large pickup truck along a route will cost more than a standard car on that same route.   
 Cars sized up to full-size sedans are not subject to oversize/overweight car shipping fees.   
 Cars that are standard size will have standard rates. 

Condition of Your Vehicle

Cheap Way To Ship My Car

 The condition of your vehicle will play a big factor in the quote.   
 If the vehicle is inoperable, there will be an added fee due to the use of a winch and the drivers labor.  
 Everything is based on availability.   
 Not all drivers/trucks have a winch.   
 Drivers that do will charge for that service as it requires extra usage of expensive equipment & labor.   
 As long as the vehicle can roll, brake & steer, a winch can be used to load.   

Auto Carrier Type

Low Cost Auto Transport

 You can request an open transport or an enclosed transport.   
 An enclosed transport provides complete protection from the outside world during shipment.   
 The enclosed transporter is mainly reserved for higher-end cars such as Exotics, luxuries or Antiques and classics.   
 Normally, the use of an enclosed car Transport Service does cost more but is worth it in the end as the vehicle is delivered the same way as picked up. No dirt. No blemishes.   
 Open car transport will get your car shipped for a cheaper rate but will be exposed to the elements of the air and road debris while in transit.   

Other Ways Auto Transport Prices Are Generated

 Prices for auto transport services are usually calculated within a few different variables.   

The main details taken into consideration are: 

  • vehicle specs (weight/size), 
  • route variations, 
  • total mileage and 
  • current diesel fuel rates based on National averages.

The more miles required on a common route would cost less per mile.   
➑️  Special requirements like winch service for inoperable vehicles would acquire additional fees included to the total cost of the transport. Winch service fees can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the size of the vehicle.   
➑️  Premium services like enclosed car carrier trailers well also cost more due to the added features and safety measures provided when shipping your car to another state. The added cost for an enclosed carrier can range anywhere from $300 to $600 more than the standard cost for open auto carrier transport.   
➑️  Additional requests like top-load placement or expedited shipping can also add to the final cost. This all depends on the route variations and availability.
 When requesting a quote from Viceroy, you will receive an estimate based on your needs. The rate will include everything. Taxes, tolls, fuel, Door-to-door service and full insurance protection bumper to bumper.   
 Below are Rates for Common Routes to get a better idea of what you should prepare to spend.   

Calculating Auto Transport Cost
Calculating Auto Transport Cost

2019 Auto Transport Rates For Common Routes

All routes are based on availability & all estimates are subject to change due to the many different variables such as: Vehicle Specs, Seasonal Change, Carrier Type & Current Diesel Fuel Rates.

Cheapest Car Transport Option

Cheapest Way To Ship Car

Open Car Carriers: The Most Affordable Way To Ship

 The big positive besides the rate is all the car wheels are suspended from the ground and securely fastened onto the auto hauler.   
 The vehicles are secured down by thick heavy leather straps or chains fastened around the wheel base.   
 Any Auto Transport company that provides you this service should also include full insurance coverage as part of their total price and final cost to you.   
 Always make sure to request insurance documents from the auto transportation logistics agent or the actual driver.   
 All information regarding your auto transportation order should be sent to you by email.   
 As any other important transaction, everything should be documented and in writing to secure and assure you as the customer the best service available to you.   
 It shouldnt matter how cheap you are able to get service for.   
 Any company working for you should provide the best care possible.   
 Like any other transport service, open Auto Transport trucks can be booked and reserved on availability due to truck space and route accessibility.   
 You should also be provided all the carriers information including contact info as most drivers prefer direct communication with the customer as this makes the entire job easy for everyone involved when shipping your car.   
 Your auto transportation logistics coordinator should be your main point of contact in the case that there is an emergency, an update that needs attention or any questions and concerns you may have. 

πŸ›‘  ATTENTION: When searching for auto transport services, you will most likely make contact with brokers as the actual drivers are busy on the road transporting their loads. Always do your research and remember that a quote is only as good as the reputation of the broker who is giving it to you. Use your search engines and look for reviews. If you don't find any reviews, then you should reconsider who you choose to handle your property.   

Get The Service You Need

 In today's modern age, many more people own many more cars and trucks meaning traffic on the roads have increased.   
 With more vehicles on the roads, the more auto transportation becomes a necessary service for a lot of people.    
 The increase in automobiles has also caused a rise in nationwide travel.   
 This also means people will spend more hard earned money.    
 Most people prefer not to drive their car to these destination due to the time and work it takes when traveling long distances.   
 It would add mileage and possible damage to your vehicle.   
 The trip can also cost you a bit of money so finding quality auto transport services at a low price should be your top priority.    
 This is where a good Auto Transport company can really come in handy to safely transport a car for the lowest rate possible when you need it done.   

Is Open Carrier Really Safe?


 That all depends on the auto carrier which has been assigned to your order.   
 In all cases, any auto transportation provider operating within the United States of America should have the required cargo insurance policy enforced by the F.M.C.S.A.   
 This means that your vehicle should be fully protected against any damage inflicted during transport.   
 Be sure to ask for insurance documentation prior to pick up.   
 The insurance docs could be easily requested by the auto transportation Logistics coordinator who is responsible for dispatching your vehicle to the auto carrier.   
 Make sure to check the expiration date on the insurance policy and also reassure yourself that your vehicle is completely insured during transport.   
 With all these details in order regarding the insurance during shipment, your vehicle should be in good hands as the last thing anyone wants is an added claim to their policy.   
 This assures you that the driver will take care of your vehicle with the respect it deserves.   

What Cars Can Be Loaded?


 Pretty much any standard sized vehicle in the category of sedan, regular sized trucks, normal sized S.U.V.'s and even some vans again depending on the size which are determined by length and height.   
 The total size of a vehicle able to fit on an open carrier would depend on the other vehicles which would be loaded along with it.   
 If you have seen an open auto trailer, you will notice that the top level can be adjusted to different heights which would allow for the loading and unloading of many different types of vehicles.   
 In any case, expect the vehicle to be strapped down to the frame of the trailer.   
 Thick leather straps or light chains are used around the wheelbase and securely fastened to the metal frame of the open-air auto carrier trailer.   
 This avoids the vehicle from bouncing around during transport and ensures that the unit will be delivered in the same condition as it was picked up.   
 Please Note: Low clearance vehicles may require alternate methods.   

Does Open Carrier Save Money?


 When shipping your vehicle on an open-air auto transporter, you are most likely being transported along with six to sometimes nine other vehicles which are all loaded and secured.   
 Having so many vehicles on a load to deliver allows the driver to ease up on the total rates per unit.   
 Of course rates are all dependent on location, gas rates, vehicle size and weight.   
 The higher the demand for service on the route you require will determine the total cost of the transportation in question.   
 Rates will always fluctuate as they reflect gas prices, mainly diesel fuel.   
 There is never really any set rates for shipping a vehicle in this industry as everything in the end revolves around fuel prices.   
 Even when gas prices may be at their highest, going open auto hauler will always be your safest and most affordable option when shipping a car state-to-state. 

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  • Full Insurance Protection


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Also, expect a call from one of our dispatch agents to go over any details which may help in making your final decision.   

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