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Entry 009: INOP Service & what it means

To load an inoperable vehicle, a Winch must be used

INOPerable cars must be loaded by winch service

 What does inoperable service mean?
INOP service will require a winch in  most cases due to the vehicle not able to load on its own power by driving up onto the trailer. This is a piece of hardware that is attached to the trailer  which connects to the vehicle and pulls it up without having to use any  physical manpower. A winch can be a costly piece of machinery. Expect to pay an extra fee on top of whatever the standard rate is in order for the driver to utilize their wench capabilities. Not all carriers have a winch. Those that do will expect a few more dollars for the labor alone. Winch service can run anywhere from $50 to $100 and in some cases even more depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. In order for winch service to be available, the vehicle must be able to roll, brake and steer to allow our carrier to maneuver the unit onto the auto trailer. Once loaded, the car, truck, van or SUV would be securely strapped down to the frame of the auto trailer by heavy duty leather straps or thick chain which hold the unit down safely.
If you need your automobile transported which you can not move yourself due to a down engine or dead battery or just a plain old break down, contact us for help. We can winch your vehicle right onto our trailer and delivery it straight to your door step.

We have trucks everywhere. More than likely, we even have a truck close to you in your area. Our network of auto haulers not only consists on 18 wheeler tractor trailers but we also have connections to local tow yards in various cities all over the USA. We have access to over 250,000 licensed & registered tow trucks all over the country.
If you have a break down and dont know who to turn to, Call Us Now @ 866-761-5133.
Tell us whats going on and we will see what we can do for you. Here at Viceroy Auto Trans, we are confident we can help with any situation. Or you can also check out our Routes for available listings and get a Free Quote Direct Now by clicking HERE.

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These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596.

by Charles Church

Entry 008: Top 3 Steps of Auto Transport Process


The first Step to a successful Auto Transport


Make sure you have a pretty good idea on what date you wish to release and receive your vehicle at its destination. Remember that everything is based on availability and your auto shipping agent will find the best available route for you specific to your needs. You will receive a price quote generated by including the fuel costs, mileage, any tolls & any other expenses that may incur. The quote will also include Full Cargo Carrier insurance coverage which means your auto would be fully protected from damage during shipping.
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SStep 2 in getting a car shipment set up.

You can place your order online once you have received your initial quote by email or simply call us at 866-761-5133 & place your order rover the phone. Our agents are always standing by to take your calls. We want you to have a great experience. Please be detailed and always remember, Communication is Key.
Various forms of payment accepted.
PAYPAL accessible.
We try to work with you so be open and talk to us. Our customers are almost like family and thats how we like it!


The third step in shipping your car.

When your vehicle is dispatched to a carrier, you will receive notifications by email and the order is processed. Detailed information regarding your shipment will include, Driver Contact info, licensing info and more accurate pickup and delivery times. Make sure on pickup, do the vehicle inspection with your driver as he will notate any visible damage present. He will leave a proof of condition invoice with the details listed. Do the same on delivery to ensure that your vehicle is protected. If damaged, we have a claims department we can walk you through.
Its that simple! 

Entry 007: The Top 3 Main Factors of Auto Transport

A Tractor Trailer driver giving us a thumbs up.

If you need car transportation services & have no idea how to select the best auto hauling company for your needs, please allow us to explain the in's & out's of the auto transportation industry. Based on your auto shipping needs, you will be competing with other needful customers for car carrier truck space which is always based on current car hauler availability for the needed route. The auto transport industry is all about Free Market.
Pretty much the same as in every other industry.

Its Not So Complicated

The Supply & Demand is what determines everything in car shipping. With that said, you must be wondering how can you get your vehicle picked up first in such a competitive car hauling industry when auto shipping carriers can have limited space. The highest priced vehicles will be accepted by a Direct car hauler first on routes where there are high volumes of customers who need auto hauling services. If there is a lot of car carrier truck space available for the route, then the rates can be lowered depending on how much work is available to the car shipper. It does not matter when the customer enters their order as the auto transport industry is Day to Day. A consequence of daily fluctuating fuel rates. Again, the best paying vehicles will always move First. Some advice, Do Not low-ball A car shipper as there is always plenty of work available to choose from. We know this well. That is why we strive to issue you the right Quote Price, where a car carrier can be happy & profitable while you as the customer receive the best auto transportation care the industry has to provide. We vow to get you the best car hauler rate available without sacrificing auto shipper Quality. We find a spot in the middle for the customer & the car shipper to both be Happy. If you need Quick auto transportation, we can get you moved fast. Most routes require a 2-3 Pick-Up window but ask about expediting Your auto transportation needs. Get to your destination with Fast car shipping. It may cost you a few extra bucks but the speed is worth it.

To make it simple, the car shipping Industry can be split in 3 factions.

1 - The Car Transport brokers,

2 - The Car Carrier drivers &

3 - The Troublesome Lead Providers.

The car transport brokers book most of the auto shipping work as they serve to provide the customer with auto transport service while providing the car carriers with available work. A Good auto shipping broker will tend to his orders form pickup to delivery. A bad auto transport broker will tend to let the auto hauler truck driver deal with the brunt of the customer service work. A car shipping broker is there to inform the customer of what the auto hauling service entails and how the Vehicle hauling service will perform from beginning to end. Auto transport brokers are in place to filter out the serious orders form the simple inquiries. A car transport broker needs a auto shipping truck driver to pickup & deliver their vehicles. auto hauling truck drivers needs car shipping brokers to gather their orders for them. To be quite honest, it is a very effective system. No car shipping company can possibly service every route on the United States map. auto transportation brokers use Load boards such as Central Dispatch to get in touch with auto shipping truck drivers who are available on the requested routes. Again, drivers will Always take the highest paying cars available on these auto shipping load boards. Then, there is the auto transport Lead Providers.

Auto Transport Advertisement Hub Websites

These are car shipping Quote Advertisement Hubs that serve to get You, the potential customer into contact with many, many & many auto shipping companies by simply submitting your contact information.

Auto transport lead sites sell your information to Anyone who is buying. These car shipping lead providers do not pre-screen their buyers allowing highly deceitful individuals access to your personal contact information. Some of these Non-Reputable brokers will low-ball customers in hopes they gain their business in light of the high amount of contacts they know the potential client is receiving. When the actual car shipping driver who is doing the actual work does Not accept their low offer, the broker will be forced to ask their customer for more money in order for the driver to accept their order. This is known as the famous Bait & Switch. There are very few deals when it comes to Gasoline.

Avoid these car shipping Quote Generator sites at All costs. You will be Bombarded by unwanted calls from desperate & slimy auto transport brokers bent on promising you the best deals. Check their reviews & you will find their promises arrive empty & inflated.

BEST ADVICE: Do Your Own Research, Always.

Google search the name of the company you are dealing with or considering followed by the word “Reviews”. Google will provide you with All Review sites containing the requested companies name.

This will allow you to get to know the company you are considering before you actually give them the business. If they do Good Business, their reviews will reflect that. And Vice-Versa.

Viceroy Auto Trans is a family owned & operated car shipping company. We know that customer service & communication is key to successfully completing any automotive shipping order. Expect our auto transportation company to give you the best customer care available in the industry.

Try us out. We know you will come back.

Thanks for reading.

These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596.

by Charles Church

Entry 006: Understanding Car Transport Insurance

Full Insurance provided during transport.

Under five percent of autos that are transported report any noticeable damage from the move, yet you ought to thoroughly check to secure yourself against any potential issues. Regardless of whether your vehicle is being transported, and not driven, you should always review protection.

Lawfully approved auto transporters are required to have risk protection. You should ensure your transporter offers freight protection insurance coverage during transport. This implies your auto transporter, if insured, should cover any harm caused during the car shipping process. The terms and conditions can change depending on the organization, so it is best to precisely study your auto haulers policy for protection against any damage that may be caused during shipping. Make sure to request from a potential car hauling company for a copy of insurance documents. They are lawfully required to give this to you, and you should check the data on the documents with the insurance agency or with the Department of Transportation at

A auto hauler with open space ready to go.

Is The Minimum Insurance Coverage Enough?

Ensure that you are totally OK with the measure of protection you have. While the measure of protection required by law will offer you some insurance, you may find that the base coverage offered by vehicle transport companies miss their mark concerning the genuine estimation of your auto. Assume liability for discovering the correct terms of your transporter's protection approach. A few inquiries you might need to get some information about protection include:

- What damage is covered?

- Are just particular parts of the auto, similar to the body, secured?

- Is there a deductible?

- Is car value determined by Kelly Blue Book?

- Will accessories, for example, spoilers or ground impacts be secured?

- Is there a choice to buy extra insurance?

- What are any and all deductibles for claims?

Check with your own particular accident coverage specialist to see how much your own protection will cover when transporting an auto. Your insurance might possibly cover your vehicle in travel. You may always want to notify your insurance agency that you will be transporting your vehicle, just in case.

One of our happy customers smiling.

What if You Need to Make a Insurance Claim?

Review your auto in detail at delivery. On the off chance that you can't be available at the delivery point, assign someone responsible who can help. In the occasion that your auto was delivered with damage, make notes on the "Bill of Lading" at delivery and have the driver sign the sheet before accepting the auto. Taking pictures is dependably a good idea while recording claims. In the event that the auto is conveyed during the evening, investigate the auto under bright lights or bring a spotlight.

More then likely, your auto will be delivered in the same condition it was dropped off. If there is damage, contact your delivery and insurance agencies instantly. You should have no issues on the off chance that you have painstakingly reviewed your transporter's protection arrangement. A respectable transport company will need to process your claim as soon as possible. In the event that you sense that you are being dealt with unreasonably, you can document a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or any other review organization online. Keep in mind, this can all be avoided. Do your own research and make sure the car carrier assigned to your order is fully covered.

Thanks for reading.

These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596

by Charles Church 

Entry 005: A Brief Look at Loading a Car Carrier

Here is a short introduction on what to expect the day of pickup. Follow these truckers as they load their carrier one auto at a time. Accompanied by a smooth soundtrack, this video is sure to educate as well as entertain.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the auto transport industry, Call Toll Free 866-761-5133 or the link HERE to connect online!


Entry 004: Auto Hauling VS Driving It Yourself

Exotic car loaded by lift gate into Enclosed Hauler

So you have an auto that should be moved a long way, and you can't choose how to get it there. Your choices are somewhat restricted: drive it yourself or contract an company to dispatch your auto for pickup on a car carrier. How would you settle on that choice? Here are a few things to ask yourself before you settle on your official choice. Would it be advisable for me to transport an auto, or drive it myself? You know your auto, so you know who you rather have transport it. Why not let someone who does this as a profession?

The Auto Carrier Service

Reputable Auto Carriers are prepared to deal with the hardware, have the suitable authority, have their CDL affirmation and consider their employment important. They think about every auto they transport as though they own it, on the grounds that their business relies upon it. They likewise think about others out and about with them, so they ensure your auto is secured and safe. Authorizing and protection covering your auto, not depending on your own personal auto insurance protection. This will guarantee that your vehicle is handled with care & fully covered just in case the unexpected happens.

Driving It Yourself

In case you drive your auto yourself, it will take you longer to get to your new residence, particularly in case you're moving across over states. You'll likely need to spend the night some place, and the wear and tear on you and your auto should be computed into the cost for your trip. Do I have room schedule-wise to drive the auto myself? Should I drive my car myself instead of transporting it with a licensed and experienced Car Shipper? Transporting your auto to your new home may take a few days on the off chance that you do it without anyone else's help. You'll be in your auto for long days, resting in a lodging or out and about. Also, if the climate is terrible, it'll take you longer to arrive.

Ask Yourself!

Reputable auto shippers have the correct gear for the activity and have had broad training on the best way to utilize that hardware. They have state-issued CDL licenses that guarantee they know their hardware and know how to utilize it out and about. They know the best courses to deliver an auto and are accustomed to managing each conceivable possibility, including climate. Wouldn't it be smarter to get to your new home as fast as conceivable with as little wear and tear on you and the vehicle? What are the expenses related with transportation of an auto as opposed to driving it myself? You may believe it's more financially savvy to drive your auto to the new place, yet you'll pay additionally doing it without anyone else's help.

Closing Thoughts

The most ideal approach to compute whether it's smarter to transport an auto or move it yourself is to make sense of how long it will take you to drive and duplicate it by your hourly rate. At that point include all the travel costs, similar to lodgings and street sustenance. In the very end, your very peace of mind when transporting your car should be worth any cost. Now thats the Bottom Line.

Thanks for reading.

These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596.

by Charles Church 

Entry 003: Meaning of Auto Trans Snowbird Season

Laughing in Florida at Ol' Man Winter Up North

Winter comes every year. We can't avoid it.
Many of us try by traveling south. These people are referred to as snowbirds. Snowbirds travel south for the winter to avoid the frigid cold of the United States northern cities. Many of these people are on vacation, some are for business & some people just want to escape the snow.

When Snow-Bird Season Arrives for Auto Shipping

For many different reasons, snow bird season is a very busy time in the Auto Transport industry. Auto Transport rates usually go up a bit due to the amount of work available as there are not enough drivers on the routes to effectively handle all the work that generates due to the amount of people that begin traveling south. Driver's begin cherry-picking whatever is paying the most or whoever is offering the most for the requested route.
This is where your broker must be honest with you and be clear on what drivers are accepting during these Snow Bird Seasons.

Special Message to All Snow Birds!

If you are a snowbird, be proud. This means that you are smart and able to escape the snow. If you need your car transported and you want it waiting for you when you get down to your destination in the southern states where it's warmer, please give us a shot and let us transport your car. Hopefully we can gain your trust and you will call us every year.

Definition of snowbird

1 : any of several birds (such as a junco or fieldfare) seen chiefly in winter

2 : one who travels to warm climes for the winter.

Thanks for reading.

These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596.

by Charles Church 

Entry 002: 13 Minutes with a Auto Hauler & a Go-Pro

Follow along with a truck driver as he loads his transporter one vehicle at a time while you experience it from his P.O.V. (Point of View). A Great video from beginning to end. Basically, its what you will expect on the day of pickup. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions/concerns in regards to the auto transportation industry, Call Toll Free 866-761-5133 or follow the link HERE to connect online!

Entry 001: Factors That Determine Your Auto Shipping Quote

An Auto Carrier loaded with Cars, Trucks and SUV's

How The Company Operates
Every Auto Transport company has their own way of quoting their jobs. Some companies are very detailed in compiling their rates together while other companies can tend to just pull numbers from thin air not really intending to move it for the amount quoted. Some brokers will also even quote you a low amount to get your attention at first. We will discuss that in more detail later. Here at Viceroy Auto Trans, we price our loads by analyzing mileage, route & gas rates plus many other details which are considered when you are issued a car shipping estimate or price quote. The following are the main factors of getting your Auto Shipping Quote.

Pick-up & Drop-off Location
This is important as it is the main factor for your auto transport quote. The origin & destination zone is the reason why you're having your auto transported in the first place. For some reason, you don't want to drive it yourself. Whatever the case, the most important point in getting your vehicle from point A to B is the distance in between. Car transport companies should focus on where you are moving from and to and the mileage between the two and basically use that as a baseline when compiling your estimate when pricing.

When You Need It Shipped
We can help you move your vehicle anywhere in the United States. All we require is you keep an open mind and allow us at least a 2 to 4 day pickup window to allow our staff to coordinate your move and prepare the driver for dispatch. Once dispatch is confirmed, you will receive all dispatch details to your email or whichever way of contact you provide. All these factors will be considered when calculated for you when your quote is issued.

Type of Vehicle You Are Shipping
Larger vehicles cost more to transport. Many pickup trucks, SUV’s, minivans and cargo vans come with “oversize/overweight shipping fees.” The is of course due to the added weight & size when transporting. These are gathered based on size and weight of the vehicle you are shipping, and are included in the quote.
This is why shipping a large pickup truck along a route will cost more than a standard car on that same route. Cars sized up to full-size sedans are not subject to oversize/overweight car shipping fees. Cars that are standard size will have standard rates.

Condition of Your Vehicle
The condition of your vehicle will play a big factor in the quote. If the vehicle is inoperable, there will be an added fee due to the use of a winch and the drivers labor. Everything is based on availability. Not all drivers/trucks have a winch. Drivers that do will charge for that service.

Open or Enclosed Carrier

You can request an open transport or an enclosed transport. An enclosed transport provides complete protection from the outside world during shipment. The enclosed Transporters are mainly reserved for higher-end cars such as Exotics, luxuries or Antiques and classics. Normally, the use of an enclosed car Transport Service does cost more but is worth it in the end as the vehicle is delivered the same way as picked up. No dirt. No blemishes. The way it was picked up will be the same way it is delivered. Unlike an open transport, where the vehicle will sometimes be delivered slightly dirty due to road debris. This is at no fault of the driver/truck. Whether it's open or enclosed, please keep in mind that all loads are covered under the drivers Cargo Carrier insurance policy which could be provided to you by request at dispatch.

Final Thoughts
Please keep in mind that a quote is a estimate by definition. And estimates are always subject to change. We are dealing with an industry that involves gasoline. Gasoline rates fluctuate consistently throughout the entire world.
In the end, what dictates the rate is what fuel prices say.

Thanks for reading.

These articles are meant to be helpful by informing You, as the customer, on how the Auto Transportation industry works. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach to our offices by email at or call us direct @ 754-333-3596.

by Charles Church 

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