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 If you have found yourself with a situation in which you must get a vehicle transported from one place to another and driving is Not an option, then you have come to the right place.   

To find out the details on the services we provide, choose from the options listed below.

All About Auto Transportation
All About Auto Transportation

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Open Car Shipping | Open Auto Carrier | Open Vehicle Hauler

Open-Air Auto Transport

Open Car Carrier: Safe and Affordable Shipping

 The most reliable option available in the car transportation industry for the best price would have to be the open-air auto carrier trailer.   
 You most likely have seen trucks pulling these trailers with vehicles stacked up on steel moving through the highways like protective guardians of the road.   
 A beautiful sight which most times is overlooked as traffic clutter or obstacles to drive around.   
 In any case, the open auto transporter does expose your vehicle to the elements during transport.   
 Normal road debris would be the only factor affecting your vehicle during delivery.   
 An issue that can easily be fixed with a simple car wash.

#OpenCarrier #OpenTransport #OpenHauler

Benefits of Open Transport

➑️ Route Availability   

More Open Carriers are on the road resulting in more active trucks ready to pickup your vehicle and go!   
➑️ Affordable Cost   

Open auto transport is the most common way to ship so expect the standard rates based on availability.   
➑️ 100% Full Insurance   

Bumper to bumper protection policy which covers your vehicle in case of any damage during transport.   

Open Car Carrier: Most Common Method

🧐  What Open Auto Transport Means

Open Transport means that your automobile will be outdoors, on an open carrier trailer, exposed to the elements of travel while on the road.   
 There are several different types of transport carriers that can provide open transport auto hauling, from single vehicle trailers to trucks capable of towing 10 or more cars.   
 Being that this form of Auto Transport is so common, you can expect the price to be as affordable as possible depending on what fuel rates dictate.  

Rates are generated by taking many different factors into account such as:   

  • National average diesel fuel rates 
  • Total mileage    
  • Route variations 
  • Vehicle specs (weight/size)  

 You can have your car shipped nearly anywhere within the United States using open-air Auto Transport Services as many trucks are available for nationwide routes.   
 There are many different types of open car carriers.   
 Some can transport anywhere from four to six Vehicles while some other bigger carriers can ship up to 10 to 12 cars if stacked correctly.   
 The more experience the driver has, the more efficient will be the space on the trailer.   
 The more vehicles the trailer can haul, the cheaper the rate will be for your pockets.   
 Whatever your needs are, whether it's to ship a car to another state or simply transport your vehicle somewhere locally close by, you can use the open car carrier to get the job done.   
 When selecting this service to ship your car, you can expect your vehicle will be subject to the elements of the air such as wind, road debris and weather.
 Once your vehicle is loaded onto an open car carrier, your automobile will be securely stabilized to the frame of the trailer using thick straps around the tire base to insure your car does not bounce around during transport.   

Open Auto Transport: Cheapest Option
Open Auto Transport: Cheapest Option
How To Prepare Car For Transport

How To Prepare Your Car (5 Tips)

 It’s time to prepare your vehicle for transport.   
 Preparation of your auto is fundamental in ensuring a smooth car transport experience for you and for our carriers.   
 With proper preparation you minimize the risk of damage to your auto and prevent any additional costs that may occur.   
 We’ve put together the following information and advice to prepare vehicle for transport.   

βœ”οΈ Inspect & Record Vehicle Condition

 Take a little bit of time to inspect & review your car before the auto carrier arrives and record any visible or mechanical problems your vehicle may have. 

It’s greatly helpful to take date stamped and clear photos of your vehicle from different positions. 

Keep these photos on file in your own records as proof on your end of the vehicles condition at both pickup and delivery. 

A good record is the most secure way. Fortunately, the auto transport industry as a whole has a damage rate under 4%, so you most likely will not have to deal with the pictures at all. 

Auto Transport carriers by law must be licensed, bonded & insured to operate on U.S. Highways & roads.   

βœ”οΈ Remove ALL Personal Items

  In addition, the auto carrier company does not cover damages caused by these items or the loss of these items. 

Personal items also add more weight to the vehicle being transported. 

Car shipping rates are calculated partly based on the weight of the vehicle. 

Therefore, these additional items could result in added fees. 

Driver will Not liable for damage or loss of personal items.   

βœ”οΈ Check Battery & Tires

 Make sure you have refilled all car fluids and let the auto transport company know of any leaks.   
 Car leaking fluids such as oil, brake or transmission fluid should be fixed.   
 A leaking car can cause damages to the car carrier and the other cars being transported.   
 The battery must be ready to start the car or truck and the tires must be filled in case the vehicle should be moved during transport or re-positioned on the car carrier.   
 This will not happen often and carriers are thorough in assigning and scheduling their loads for maximum efficiency.   
 In the case that a order rearrangement must happen, the vehicle must be fully ready to operate.   
 * If the vehicle is INOPerable, then the auto carrier will have made plans ahead of time in case a situation of transfer or reassigning would take place.   

βœ”οΈ Wash Your Vehicle

 Dirt and dust can easily hide dings, scratches, and dents.   
 Before you have the auto carrier company pick up your car or truck, please wash it thoroughly.   
 With a clean and clear vehicle, it will be easier to notice any possible damage caused by the transport process once it arrives at its delivery point.   

βœ”οΈ Do NOT Fuel Up

 It is not necessary, nor is it advised, to fill up your tank prior to shipping your vehicle.   
 Instead, keep your gas tank at approximately ΒΌ full.   
 This is to reduce the weight of the car.   
 Failure to do so could result in additional fees and possibly can become a fire hazard while in transit, not only damaging your vehicle but every other vehicle on the carrier, and also possible injury or death to the auto transport driver.   
 Your vehicle will only be operational for loading and unloading purposes, so not a lot of gas is needed.   
 Since your car will and should only be driven for these purposes, we recommend that you write down the mileage from your odometer.   
 This would be for your records. 

Closed Car Shipping | Enclosed Auto Carrier | Determine Cost

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Car Carrier: The Safest Way To Ship

When you're trying to transport your beloved, top of the line classic or exotic vehicle or simply need some additional assurance in your vehicles protection during shipping, we will recommend using one of our enclosed auto transport car carriers.   


No matter what type of car your are planning to move, it if has wheels and can not be subject to the elements of the road as it would be on an open auto carrier, then contracting a enclosed auto carrier is most likely your greatest option. 


Realizing that you have put time and love into dealing with your beloved vehicle, we need you to feel secure in your vehicle shipping choice. 

Enclosed Auto Carrier Service is a great option when you need car shipping services for valuable or high end cars.

Our enclosed auto transport drivers are fully trained and very effective in handling vehicles of high value when loading, hauling and unloading your prized property. 

#Enclosed #Closed #Encased     

Enclosed: What To Expect

➑️ Superior Service 

Expect only the best in transport technology, communication and care when going enclosed as the safest way to ship your car.

➑️ Premium Cost

Enclosed auto transport is mainly reserved for high end vehicles so ecpect to pay a little more than standard cost.       

➑️ 100% Full Protection 

Completely covered from the outside elements within a closed container offers maximum coverage and protection in addition to full insurance required by law.     

πŸ‘ The Benefits of Enclosed Shipping

A complete run down of the benefits when choosing the enclosed car carrier option

Closed Auto Transport

Top Notch Service

   The service you should expect when hiring this type of car shipper should be of the very best in the auto transport industry.         

The cost of the service will range higher than that of your typical Open Auto Carrier but the results provided should be well worth it.    

Shipping Car Enclosed

V.I.P. Treatment

   When transporting your high prized expensive car, the driver assigned your order should be at the top of their game when proving you the car transport service.         

This is especially in demand since the value of the units they transport usually range higher than your standard transported vehicle.    

How to Ship Car Enclosed

Supreme Care

   Drivers who operate our enclosed auto carriers will pickup your vehicle and deliver your priceless vehicle in the exact same condition as it was loaded.         

This will allow a customer to fully detail their vehicle with a complete wax job and you can expect your automobile to arrive with the wax still shining.  

Your car should arrive in the same exact condition it was in when picked up.    

Enclosed Car Hauling

Complete Protection

  Enclosed car shipping carriers will pickup and deliver your vehicle to its destination within a shut space not permitting any wind from the outside to enter.         

The enclosed auto hauler would stack your car using a lift-gate attached to the back of the transporter.         

This loading method is the most secure approach to load a vehicle onto the trailer as the lift-gate does basically everything going up.    

Enclosed Auto Carrier

Ultimate Security

 Once inside the auto carrier, the vehicle would be securely fastened to the base of the trailer using thick straps around the tires which keep the unit in place while traveling through the highways.  

Enclosed Car Transport

Winch Service Available

 Some enclosed car carriers are equipped with winches in case the job calls for an inoperable vehicle.         

Some antiques need to get to their destination and many of them require work to the engine while the frame and body can be in mint condition.         

In any event where the vehicle can not be loaded onto the transporter under its own power, winch service can be provided but must be documented prior to pickup arrival for proper preparations.    

Enclosed Car Shipping

Cutting Edge Technology

  Our enclosed transporters offer the most cutting-edge gear known to the business.         

This is a necessity as the cars being transported through this service are very valuable and must be kept to an unblemished condition. 

This may include:   

  • E-Track Flooring  
  • Climate Control Hauling 
  • Advanced Controllable Adjustable Lift-Gates 
  • Most advance tie down systems available to market 

Enclosed Car Transportation

Enclosed is Golden

Our enclosed auto carriers are continually improving and maintaining their service equipment. 

With these added features, you might be leaning towards the idea that going enclosed car carrier is your best option. 

By going enclosed with Viceroy Auto Trans, the following is a list of the total services you will receive when selecting this option. 

Enclosed Auto Transport will cost a bit more than the average open-air auto transporter option but in the end, you will realize the extra money is well worth the cost to ship your car enclosed

Lift-Gate Technology

Enclosed Carrier Lift Gate

Hydraulic lift gates are important when loading and unloading an automobile with low ground clearance.  

This is only available on enclosed carriers as an exclusive service provided by the hauler type. 

Open Carrier use the regular slanted ramps to load and unload their vehicles. 

A vehicle low to the ground may get damaged when boarding the open carrier.

Direct Contact to Driver

Closed Car Shipping Container

  Like all other transport services provided by Viceroy Auto Trans, be sure to expect direct contact with the actual driver during the shipping process. 

This allows you to have a direct connection to your vehicle during transport as the driver would be able to update you directly.

Also, our dispatch department is always on stand by in case of emergencies. 

You will always have someone to contact when trusting Viceroy to ship your automobile.    

Top Quality Carriers

Closed Auto Movers

 We have a profile and rating review system which verifies all your provided carriers credentials and allows us to properly assess the companies current rating through our Preferred Auto Carrier Dispatch Network which is required by any lawful operating auto transporter in the United States. 

All our carriers are 100% fully insured meaning your vehicle would be completely protected till delivery. 

Vehicle inspections are conducted on both pickup and delivery to ensure the vehicles condition on both ends. 

Perfect Cars For Enclosed

Enclosed Car Transport Services

 Are you are wondering if your vehicle should be shipped on an enclosed auto carrier trailer?

We have prepared a list that may help you understand whether you should pick this choice or not.

Here is a showcase of the following types of vehicles that are great for shipping enclosed. 

Vintage Car

How to ship a car enclosed

 A vintage car is, in the most general sense, an old automobile, and in the narrower senses of car enthusiasts and collectors, it is a car from the period of 1919 to 1940. 

Such enthusiasts have categorization schemes for ages of cars that enforce distinctions between antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, and so on.  


If you have a vintage/antique car that needs to be transported and the condition can not be compromised due to the risk of devalue, then the Enclosed Auto Carrier Trailer is right for you!   

Classic Car

Cheapest way to ship car enclosed

 A classic car is an older automobile; the exact definition varies around the world. 

The common theme is of an older car with enough historical interest to be collectible and worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping.   

Cars 20 years and older typically fall into the classic class.   

These are described as "fine" or "distinctive" automobile, either American or foreign built, produced between 1915 and 1998.   

If you have a classic collector car that needs to be transported and the condition can not be compromised due to the risk of devalue from possible wind elements during shipping, then the Enclosed Auto Transport Carrier is right for you! 

Show Car

Safety of enclosed car shipping

 A show car, sometimes called a dream car, is a custom-made automobile created specifically for public display, rather than sale. 

They are shown at auto shows and other exhibitions. 

Show cars can either come from car companies or from private individuals.   

If you have a showcar or dream car that needs to be shipped and the condition can not be compromised due to the risk of devalue, then the Encased Car Carrier Hauler is right for you!   

Super Car

Enclosed Auto Hauling

 A supercar (also referred to as an exotic) is a luxury, high-performance sports car or grand tourer. 

The term is used in marketing by automakers for unusual and expensive vehicles, and has been used to refer to different sorts of cars: 

Limited-production of "elite" automaker, Standard-looking cars modified for power and performance & Models from smaller manufacturers that appeal to enthusiasts. 

If you have an exotic automobile super car that needs to be picked up and delivered to a far destination and driving it is not an option while the condition can not be compromised due to the risk of devalue from possible wind elements during shipping, then the Enclosed Auto Hauler Service is right for you! 

Stock Car

Closed Car Carrier Services

 Stock car racing is a form of automobile racing found mainly and most prominently in the United States and Canada, with Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Brazil also having forms of stock car auto racing. 

The world's largest governing body for stock car racing is the American NASCAR, and its Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is the premier top level series of professional stock car racing. 

The cars were originally production models (hence, "stock"), but are now highly modified.   

If you have a stock car or something fast on wheels that needs to be carried to a far away destination and driving is out of the question while the condition can not be compromised due to the risk of damage from possible wind elements during shipping, then the Encased Auto Transport Carrier is right for you! 

Full Insurance Coverage When Shipping Car | How It Works

Fully Insured Auto Transport

Understand How Coverage Works

Legally authorized auto transporters are required to have liability insurance. 

You should make sure your transporter also offers cargo insurance. 

Especially if you are going to trust them with shipping a car.

This means that your auto transporter, if properly insured, should cover any damage caused during the automobile shipping process after you pay the insurance deductible. 

The terms and amount of coverage can vary depending on the company, so it is best to carefully inspect your transporter’s coverage.   

Make sure you get a copy of the auto shipping company's insurance policy. But don't stop there – actually read the policy to ensure the coverage includes damage caused while your vehicle is being loaded and unloaded from the trailer and while in transit. 

If there's something in the policy you don't understand, ask questions before your car leaves your care. 

If the auto shipping company does not have the answers, take the policy to your own insurance agent for a double-check to ensure you're covered.   

The type of coverage you need to be concerned with depends on what car you are shipping, some policies will exclude antiques and exotics, while other policies may not have enough coverage for new cars. 

Virtually all companies will tell you that your car is insured, however coverage always varies and your car may not be protected.

Most carriers purchase just the minimum amount of insurance required, to save money. 

This may fall short of the true value of the cars that they are shipping. A typical auto transporter will purchase $250,000 coverage, which comes out to about $25,000 per car. 

If shipping a car that is worth more than that it is in your best interest to look for a carrier with greater coverage. 

This becomes a big concern if all of the vehicle are damaged in a major collision or even a fire.   

Remove all personal items from your car before shipment. 

Neither your personal insurance, nor the transporters insurance companies will cover the costs of loss of personal property from your vehicle. 

Personal property can also add weight to your vehicle, adding to the cost of the car transport. 

The extra weight of the personal property inside of the vehicle may also cause damage to your vehicle, both on the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior of the car and the undercarriage.  

When transporting your vehicle, there are many factors involved due to the road, traffic & many other variables. 

There are times when your vehicle may be damaged during the transport process. 

When this occurs, notify the auto transport company and pursue the steps in filing a claim to cover any damage that may happen from pickup to delivery.


The auto transport insurance information should be available to you and in writing prior to loading your car onto the carrier. 

Take pictures before you ship your car and after, so that if you should need to file a claim, you have proof to submit to the insurance company showing the damage occurred en route. 

Your car is likely one of your most valuable assets. 

Therefore, it is important to do your part to ensure that should anything happen to it – particularly if the situation is not in your control – that you have the means and resources in place to address it swiftly. 

Shipping your car is a necessary service in some situations. 

By doing your homework on auto shipping insurance requirements, you can feel at ease knowing that your car is covered – and to what extend – during your next temporary or permanent relocation. 


Transporting your vehicle is a serious decision. Your cars condition is a risk when allowing an auto carrier to load, transport, then unload your vehicle. 

A number of damages can take place causing a need to have a proper way of ensuring your vehicles condition at both pickup and delivery. 

The following 3 steps in the link will lay out the basics when inspecting your vehicle prior to allowing the auto shipper to load for transportation. 

βœ… Plan Your Inspection Ahead.

Try to avoid having to prove damage was done to your vehicle during shipment. 

Be sure to fully inspect your vehicle for any existing dents or damage which may be present. 

Taking photos of any existing dents or scratches on your vehicle is also a good idea. 

Both interior and exterior condition should be recorded as all details regarding your vehicle can be useful in the case of damages inflicted during shipping. 

Before the driver resumes the route with your automobile loaded, a Bill of Lading / Vehicle Inspection sheet should be signed by both parties conducting the transaction acknowledging the condition of the vehicle at both pickup and delivery.  

βœ… Collect Proof of Condition.

Upon arrival to the delivery drop zone, the final inspection will take place. 

The person or persons receiving the vehicle should assist the carrier through the second inspection. 

The same methods used to record the condition of the vehicle at pickup should be used on delivery in front of the driver to confirm the status of your auto with the shipment completed. 

Waiting till after the driver has left will only make it harder to prove any damages were done during transport. 

If any damage is noticed, inform the driver immediately and make sure the issue is noted on the Bill of Lading / Vehicle Inspection sheet. 

Taking pictures of any new damage is also an added benefit when filing a claim due to damages during shipping. 

Prior to the carrier leaving, make sure to have your carbon copy invoice with all recorded details.  

βœ… Filing a Damage Claim.

There is a time limit of 30 days from the date of delivery to file a claim if damage is found present as a result of the auto shipment process. 

The sooner the claim is reported, the better it is the chances of getting compensated for any new damages. 

If you decide to stall and not report your claim on-time, expect the insurance company in charge of the policy to not honor any repairs whether or not they were caused during transport. 

This will result in you getting stuck with any and all repair bills.

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Confirm Your Protection

Following these 5 tips will ensure that your vehicle is protected during transport. 

➑️ Request Proof of Policy 

It's a law that car shipping companies provide protection insurance and they are required to submit this proof to the customer when requested. 

This is the best time to ask questions about their car shipper insurance details. 

Allow them to explain how your vehicle would be protected in case of damage during transport. 

Find out if the vehicle is covered during transport the entire way or if it is only good for certain parts of the unit being shipped. 

Another good point to ask is if you would be required to pay a deductible fee if damage does happen.

➑️ Get the Details in Writing 

Before you consent to the terms of the car shipping company, make sure to have any and all special agreements documented in writing. 

Having these details on record will secure your vehicles protection in the case of any damage during the car shipping process. 

If there are any other special agreements which may not be on their regular policy, make sure those details are recorded by having them added to the car shipping insurance document. 

➑️ Conduct Pickup Inspections 

Before the car shipping company you hire loads your vehicle, they are required to do a walk around inspection recording any damages, dents or dings the vehicle may have. 

Be sure to assist the driver with this inspection as a witness. Another good bit of advice regarding the vehicle inspection at pickup is to take picture of your vehicle prior to loading. 

This will only add more benefits to your case if a car shipping insurance claim must be reported. 

➑️ The Bill of Lading 

When the vehicle is successfully transported, the owner of the car would have to go over and confirm the details on the Bill of Lading invoice which would be issued on completion. 

Check the vehicle completely from top to bottom and side to side. 

It is also advised to start the engine to check for any possible mechanical damages that may have been caused via shipping. 

This is very rare but one should always be aware of the risk. 

If your car is delivered at night, make sure to check your vehicles condition under some type of bright light prior to signing the Bill of Lading. 

This is important because once you sign that document, any damages found after this transaction would not hold the company liable if not documented. 

If any damages are found, the driver should record the details and sign. This can be used when you contact the car shipping company later to file the claim. 

➑️ How to File a Claim 

In the case where the car shipping company you hired damages your automobile during transport, the car shipping coordinator who set the order up for you should be able to help you find the right channels to file a claim. 

In most cases, the agent who assisted with the booking should be able to begin the process for you by contacting the car shippers insurance company and setting the process in motion. 

Make sure to provide every bit of detail along with photos so the process can be quick and easy. 

If the car shipper damaged your vehicle during transport, then they must be liable for the repairs and reimbursement. 

This is the Right way to make sure your vehicle is protected during the car shipping process. 

πŸ’‘  Some More Simple Advice

Make sure to ask your Auto Transport Coordinator for details regarding your auto transportation insurance policy. 

A good company will stick with you till the end.

The damages must be proven through the insurance company so be sure to be open and submit all information regarding the incident to your auto shipping coordinator. 

All photos and inspection reports can be used to prove the damage was done during shipping which will force the insurance company to compensate all repairs done during the transportation process.  

Once a claim has been processed, the next step is to wait the results of their investigation. 

If you have any questions regarding auto transport insurance policies, contact Viceroy Auto Transport Services toll free 866-761-5133 & we will do our best to assist with what we can. 

Ship A Car To Another State | Auto Transport Across Country

State to State Auto Transport Services

Nationwide Car Shipping: How It Works

 If you are looking for the cheapest and most reliable way to ship or transport your vehicle from one state to another, then we can help. 

To ship your car to another state is a very specific and unique service which, from the reason you are researching this, you can not manage on your own. 

When it comes to moving your life elsewhere, you can actually move some or all of your household items by yourself if you plan and coordinate it right which would involve many hours of your time and dont forget the added labor – this is true especially for short distance moves where you can find good and reliable friends who can help. 

This is also true when there are specialty or valuable personal items to move. 

Renting a moving truck like a Uhaul can be tricky but is still perfectly manageable and fairly easy to set up, as is packing up an entire home without professional assistance which can be stressful but ultimately, it can be done. 

Yes, self-moving is a viable option when moving locally and when you know what you’re doing. It may be difficult but can definitely be accomplished.

However, you can’t possibly transport a car to another state all by yourself unless you drive it. And considering the fact that you’ve already decided not to drive across the country but to use another type of transport to reach your new home (taking a plane in most cases), then it’s time to consider Viceroy.

We have a network of trucks that run nationwide and our drivers are highly rated with documentation to prove it along with being licensed, bonded & 100% fully insured. 

Our auto carriers are sure to impress with the superb service provided. 

Our services are provided to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming  

➑️ To Broker or Not to Broker

Though they make up a huge portion of the auto transport industry, not all customers feel good or comfortable dealing with a broker. 

The many reasons for this will vary, but in most cases a customer will prefer to coordinate directly with the actual driver or car carrier company which will handle the logistics and providing the service when you need to ship a car. 

It’s a very understandable desire which reflects a choice we can all relate to. 

If a broker (or middle man) is only a person that connects you with a auto carrier, then it seems that it would make more sense to eliminate the middle man in favor of dealing with the car carrier driver direct when planning your move.  

The car carriers do all the actual work from pickups to deliveries to fueling up and on site customer service. 

They are the part of the industry that does all the major lifting. 

They are the workers who will actually move your vehicle. 

Many customers looking for service would prefer to deal with the person who will be managing the actual delivery of their vehicle. 

No one wants to rely on a third party individual that will not be as close to the actual move or work being done. 

Given the high value of many vehicles arranged for transport, this is agreeably understandable. 

Most of us value our personal vehicles and would not want to risk it in the hands of someone who can not trust.

#Nationwide #StateToState #AcrossCountry 


Locate Direct Driver By Route

Transporting a car can be a complicated and risky business if a person does not do their research, especially when you approach it from the outside not really knowing what to expect. 

This is the feeling most Newcomers to the service will experience. 

If you have completed an online form search request for auto shippers or car carrier services, you’re more than likely familiar with the many different options out there. 

What is never clear is whether you’re dealing with a broker, a auto carrier, a freight forwarder, or some mixed combination of the three. 

For many customers trying to get service in the car shipping industry, the idea of shipping a car with an actual car carrier driver direct, rather than going through a middle man or a broker, is the usually the most preferred route.    

The very best way to find a driver direct to transport a car for a successful pick-up and delivery is to use our auto transport direct driver locator. 

This will help you search your own route by state, allowing you to search for your auto carriers by zip code.   

Once you find your route and request a car shipping quote, our system will find you the best available options according to your auto transportation needs. 


It will locate all available car carriers that will be at the pickup area when you need the job done and you will receive all information to your email including price, rates and available listings, scheduling.   

Door to Door Auto Transport

Learn How Door to Door Service Works

Convenience is the biggest selling point in most of today's industry. 

Everyone wants things easy. 

You pay for a service and you expect the best. 

Low Cost Door to door car carrier transport services 

In the days where ride-sharing through services like Uber or Lyft are so popular to get us from point A to point B in a smooth experience, we should also have a way to get our personal vehicles from one city to another. 

Auto Transport services should be smooth and easy too. 

The best way to make that happen is by offering door to door car shipping services. 


In some cases, auto transportation is required to ship your car a long distance when driving is not an option. 

An example would be moving your sedan or truck from California to New York. 

That is over 2,700 miles and most of us would not drive the long distance due to the work involved and the inconvenience of the entire trip. 

Your best option in a situation like this is finding the right Auto Transport car carrier to do the move for you. 

βœ”οΈ  Door to Door is Best for Route Efficiency 

This should be a simple process and getting your vehicle transported straight to your doorstep at delivery is the way to go. 

The truth is, most drivers prefer to provide customers with door to door service due to the efficiency involved. 

Meeting a customer at a different location point may risk the driver waiting too long which is not time efficient as a good reputable Auto Transport carrier tries to be on time to each pickup and delivery. 

Most Auto Transport carrier drivers preferred Door to Door Service as they just show up to pick up and deliver avoiding any waiting time which could affect scheduling. 

Pick up and go or deliver and go. 

Be advised, there are certain instances that may not allow your auto carrier to pick up or deliver straight from to a front doorstep.   

βœ”οΈ  Door to Door is Easiest to Coordinate

When auto transport assignments are dispatched to a driver, there is much planning to do which involve Logistics and the coordination of each vehicle for pickup and delivery. 

There is an order to the pickups which are planned that will efficiently set up the delivery of each car assigned on the driver direct. 


The following are different causes which will force a car shipper to meet a customer at a location nearby. 

❌  A Narrow Road 

A small or narrow Road will not allow a car carrier to maneuver as it should. 

And auto carrier hauling 6 to 9 vehicles must know ahead of time if the roads they will travel on will risk getting a truck of that size stuck. 

In a situation where the pick-up or delivery of your car would mean driving down a dirt road or Narrow Street, then expect the auto carrier driver to contact the person responsible for pick-up or delivery to meet at a more accessible location.   

❌  Road with Law Restrictions

Many residential areas, some commercial areas and most government zones restrict Auto carrier transporters access due to noise, visual or security complaints. 

This can be understood in some areas While others would be rather questionable. 

In all cases, an auto carrier driver will not violate the laws or area rules for any reasons. 

If your route involves any of those lawful restrictions or regulations, then expect the auto carrier driver to contact the person responsible for pick-up or delivery to meet at a more accessible location. 

❌  Low-hanging Trees 

Many Auto carriers have two levels. 

The upper deck and the lower deck. 

The upper trailer or the lower trailer. 

These Auto Transport trailers can carry anywhere from 6 to 9 or sometimes even up to 11 or 12 cars at a time. 

This requires that cars be loaded on the top deck for maximum space efficiency and greater auto loading capacity. 

If there are low hanging trees in the area, the cars or trucks loaded to the top deck of the auto carrier trailer could be damaged when branches and leaves scrape the tops. 

An occurrence like this would cause serious body damage to many of the vehicles that are top-load placement. 

Areas with low hanging trees are avoided at all costs. 

If the Auto Transport Service you require involves an area with low hanging trees, then expect the auto carrier driver to contact the person responsible for pick-up or delivery to meet at a more accessible location. 


Solutions When Door to Door is Not an Option

If for any of the reasons mentioned above or any other overlooked detail comes up, make sure to keep in close communication with your auto carrier or car shipping dispatcher as communication is key when coordinate a meeting point with a 6-9 auto carrier hauler. 

You will most likely have to meet the auto carrier driver somewhere close by. 

Its that is the case then everything must be times and planned perfectly if its going to work. 

 βž‘️  Great Places To Meet Your Auto Carrier 

Some good spots to think on is anywhere with a parking lot:  

- Shopping plazas, 

- City Parks or 

- Department Store lots work just fine. 

Make sure your auto transport dispatcher issues you your auto carriers contact information as with our company, we send all details regarding your assigned auto carrier including contact information and a detailed description with accurate times and dates. 

With Viceroy Auto Trans LLC, we make sure everything is sent to you direct by email in writing and as the order progresses, you will receive updates while the order is processed. Also, make sure whoever is shipping your auto has a reliable dispatch department as they should be your primary contact from pickup to delivery. 

 βž‘️  If the car is INOPerable and Must be a Door to Door Delivery

If the auto is non-running or Inoperable then the best way to meet the auto carrier at a different place other than your front door step is to contact a local tow truck that can arrive to the place where the vehicle is stationed and tow the auto to the destination where the auto carrier awaits them. 

Of course, this will cost more and most likely, any payments or details would be handled between the customer being serviced and the tow truck company hired for the task. 

The customer may ask the auto transport companies dispatcher for assistance in this area as they would most likely add additional fees due to resources and processing which would be required. 

In any case, do Not worry as When there is a Will, there is a Way! 

Talk to your auto shipping logistics coordinator and make sure you guys have a plan in place when setting up your auto transportation order.

Door 2 Door Car Transport | Front Door Delivery on Most Routes
Door 2 Door Car Transport | Front Door Delivery on Most Routes

Top Load Placement: Upper Deck

Explaining Top Load Placement: Safest Spot on Open Carrier

In order to win business companies have to make sure their car transport rates are competitive, which means they have to find other ways to make more profit. 

Charging standard car transport rates in line with all the other companies is one way to attract customers, and selling them upgrades is a good way to make more profit. 

While paying extra for enclosed car transport or top load placement because it will offer your car more protection might sound like a good idea, once you’ve paid for these upgrades there’s no guarantee that you will actually get them. 

Some companies who are non-reputable will simply take your money and ship your car normally, knowing that your very unlikely to find out. 

As with any industry, there will always be those companies who care more about making money than providing a good service. 

The auto shipping industry is no different. 

It’s an unfortunate fact that there may be unreliable business offering vehicle transportation services, and for a lot of customers the only time they find out that they’ve made the wrong choice is when it’s too late.   

Make sure to always do your own research prior to finalizing your shipment to ensure you are being taken care of. 

Always check reviews for the auto transport company you are considering. 


-  Top loading can be a little more expensive. 

To accommodate your top-load request, your trucker might re-arrange the whole trailer. 

This is not a small job! To compensate for the hard work, you will pay an extra fee. 

This could be anything around $100 or more. 

Sure, it is a huge amount to part with. 

But think of it this way, would everybody want the top deck if it were free? 

To ensure that no vehicle is treated unfairly, you have to pay the extra cost for the special treatment.  

- The top deck is not safe from the sun, the rain, and the snow!

When using the open transport system, your car is exposed to weather conditions. 

Both the top and the bottom decks are victims to the sun, the rain, and the snow. 

However, the cars at the top will be the most exposed. 

Essentially, the top load acts as a shield to the bottom load! 

If you think of it this way, you might reconsider your options.  

- Tree branches may still hit your car. 

At the upper deck, the cars are close to trees. 

Therefore, from time to time, branches may hit the vehicles when the auto hauler pulls near trees. 

Depending on the intensity of the incident, the branches may cause abrasions, dents or even breakages. 

➑️  Could The Top Rack Be For You? 

A common issue when shipping a car on an open multi-car trailer is whether your car should be on the top rack or bottom rack. 

Both have their own advantages, and disadvantages as well. 

Cars on the top rack, are more inclined to road hazards but safer from any potential dripping or leaking from road vehicles. 

There may also be a possibility that the car on the top rack can get hit branches if the auto hauler drives or pulls into areas with trees. 

Vehicles on the lower rack are safer from debris along the road, but they are the ones exposed to possible oil leaks or harmful drippings from cars on the upper deck. 

Most auto shipping companies offer a top rack placement guarantee for an extra fee. 

Top Load Placement only applies to open auto carrier services. 

In the end, the decision is yours.

#TopLoad #UpperDeck #TopDeck

Top Load Placement Added Fee $100-200 (depending on vehicle specs) if requested at time of booking.
Top Load Placement Added Fee $100-200 (depending on vehicle specs) if requested at time of booking.

Winch Service for Inoperable Vehicles

Winch Service for Inoperable Vehicles

 A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in (wind up) or let out (wind out) or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope (also called "cable" or "wire cable").   
 In its simplest form, it consists of a spool (or drum) attached to a hand crank.   
 Winches are great tools in that they allow drivers who normally drive the vehicles onto and off of their truck before securing them to actually get a vehicle that cannot run or drive onto their truck just as easily as if they were to drive it themselves.   
➑️ When is INOP Winch Service Necessary?   
 INOPerable service will require a winch in most cases due to the vehicle not able to load on its own power by driving up onto the trailer.   
 This is a piece of hardware that is attached to the trailer which connects to the vehicle and pulls it up without having to use any physical manpower.   
 This is the only way to ship an inoperable car.
 A winch can be a costly piece of machinery.   
 Expect to pay an extra fee on top of whatever the standard rate is in order for the driver to utilize their wench capabilities.   
 Not all carriers have a winch.   
 Those that do will expect a few more dollars for the labor alone.   
➑️ Average Cost For Winch Service   
 If you need your automobile transported which you can not move yourself due to a down engine or dead battery or just a plain old break down, contact us for help.   
 We can winch your vehicle right onto our trailer and delivery it straight to your door step.   

 Winch service can run anywhere from $50 to $200 and in some cases even more depending on the size and weight of the vehicle.   
 In order for winch service to be available, the vehicle must be able to roll, brake and steer to allow our carrier to maneuver the unit onto the auto trailer.   
 Once loaded, the car, truck, van or SUV would be securely strapped down to the frame of the auto trailer by heavy duty leather straps or thick chain which hold the unit down safely.    
➑️ Local Tow Services Available   
 We have trucks everywhere.   
 More than likely, we even have a truck close to you in your area.   

 Our network of auto haulers not only consists on 18 wheeler tractor trailers but we also have connections to local tow yards in various cities all over the USA.   
 We have access to over 250,000 licensed & registered tow trucks all over the country.

#Inoperable #WinchService #Tow
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Winch Service Added Fee $100-300 (Depending on vehicle specs)
Winch Service Added Fee $100-300 (Depending on vehicle specs)

Personal Items Policy

Personal Items Are Not Permitted

 Most auto hauling companies prohibit the inclusion of personal items in vehicles being shipped. This is for three very good reasons:   
➑️ License & Insurance   
 It is against FMCSA regulations for carriers to transport personal possessions within a vehicle.   
 Carriers risk fines for transporting any personal possessions.   
 In addition, the carrier’s insurance typically does not cover the loss or damage of personal possessions included in a vehicle being shipped.   
➑️ Weight   
 Auto haulers have strict limits on the weight of loaded trucks and trailers.   
 Additional, unanticipated weight of personal items could cause carriers to be overweight.   
 In this situation, the carrier has to make a choice to drive overweight (risking fines and significant delays) or not take the vehicle.   
➑️ Safety   
 Extra weight in the car could cause damage to the undercarriage during loading and unloading.   
 If items of perceived value are visible through the car’s windows they may attracted unwanted attention from thieves or vandals when carriers park at truck stops.   
 No hazardous materials (e.g. explosives, flammables, poisons, compressed gases, oxidants, corrosives, etc.), firearms, ammunition, items of unusual value (e.g. cash, money, bonds, precious metals, stones, and gems), alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs or medicines (either prescribed or illegal), antlers, furs, or pornographic material.   
 To avoid the potential loss of personal items and to make sure that vehicles can be delivered on time, please avoid shipping any personal items in your vehicles.   
 Although we will ship customer’s personal items upon request we ask that you limit the weight of personal items to 100 lbs.   
 Additionally personal items stored inside the vehicle must not be above the window line and must not inhibit the driver’s seat from moving all the way back. 

#PersonalItems #PackingCar #PackingPolicy  
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Personal Items should Not be packed in the vehicle for transport due to possible damage or theft
Personal Items should Not be packed in the vehicle for transport due to possible damage or theft

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