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We run Car Shipping Services All across the United States of America. 

We ensure direct contact with your car carrier driver from pickup to delivery. 

Our dispatch team will always assist. 

Communication is Key

Our Top Goal

How Much To Ship A Car with Viceroy

The main goal is to provide you the best auto transport services available in the auto transport industry. 

The customer comes First. 

Expect the Best car shipping experience. 

Your satisfaction is our Top Priority! 

Quality Auto Transport

Vice One Logistics | Car Shipping Company

Our reputable auto transport carriers will be there to transport your car with efficiency.

We will deliver your vehicle on-time safely with our reputable car shipping services

We offer both types, 

Open or Enclosed Auto Transport.

Auto Transport Services

Open Car Carrier Auto Transport

Car Shipping Services | Auto Transport Prices

Open auto transport car carriers are the most economic and affordable car hauler services we provide. 

Although your vehicle would be exposed to the open air during auto shipping, no tires will touch the ground till delivery is completed with our car shipping services

All vehicles transported under our care are fully insured by the auto carriers cargo protection policy. 

Proof of insurance can be provided on Dispatch by request. 

Let us generate the right quote for you. 

Use our auto transport services with Confidence. 

Enclosed Auto Transporter Trailer

Cost To Transport A Car | Auto Shipping Service

Enclosed car shipping containers protect your vehicle from the outside elements during transport. 

These enclosed auto carriers are also able to load vehicles too low to the ground by using a lift gate allowing our experienced car transport services to effortlessly load your most valuable cars with ease. 

Transport your auto with peace of mind knowing your vehicle will arrive in the exact condition it was picked up in. 

Give it a wash & wax before pickup. 

Watch it arrive without a blemish. 

This is the safest way to ship a car using auto transport services

Full Insurance Protection

Vice One Logistics LLC | Auto Transport Company

Auto haul with protection. 

Our expert car shipping services are fully insured covering your vehicles from damage during auto transport process

Our policy serves you bumper to bumper. 

Policy documents can be provided.   

Hawaii Car Shipping

Auto Transport to from Hawaii

Do you need car shipping services to or from the Hawaiian islands? 

Let Viceroy Auto Transport help. 

We can coordinate everything from the car hauler on the road to the ship that takes over at the port. 

Get your car shipped door to port or port to door

Expedited Auto Transpor

Vice Auto Transport | Car Shipping Business

Do you need fast car shipping in a hurry? 

Ask about our expedited auto transport services.


It may cost more than the average pickup or delivery time but speed could be worth the extra cost. 

Try it out! 

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