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Our reputable auto carriers will be there to transport your car with efficiency to delivery your car safely.
We offer both types, Open & Enclosed Auto Transportation Services.
Our car carriers are fully equipped to handle any auto shipping job.
Expect to be impressed with the superior auto transport service you will receive from our top notch auto haulers.
All of our car shipping drivers are Bonded, Licensed & Fully Insured.

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Our #1 Top Goal

The main goal is to provide you the best auto transportation customer service till your Vehicle is Safely Delivered.
Your Car Shipping expectations & satisfaction is our Top Priority!
Expect to always have someone  on call for immediate updates regarding your car shipping while in transit.
A direct auto hauling logistics agent will be assigned to you personally to help you feel secure till our auto transporting job is complete with your vehicle delivered.

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Nationwide Auto Hauling

We run Car Shipping Services  All across the United States.
Auto Transport Door To Door delivery on most routes.
We ensure direct contact with 

your car carrier driver. 

All details regarding your auto hauler specialist will be sent to you 

in writing by email.
We want you to feel comfortable with our auto transporter & to do that, we realize that Communication is Key.

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Our office staff is ready to help answer all your questions regarding your auto transportation needs.
Our knowledgeable transport logistics coordinators will find the best options for you when selecting your auto shipping options.
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Auto Transport services provided for the following States:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,  Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,  Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,  Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New  Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North  Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South  Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,  Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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Choose Viceroy Auto Trans!

If you need car transportation services & have no idea how to select the best auto hauling company for your needs, please allow us to explain the in's & out's of the auto transportation industry.
Based on your auto shipping needs, you will be competing with other needful customers for car carrier truck space which is always based on current car hauler availability for the needed route. The auto transport industry is all about Free Market. Pretty much the same as in every other industry.
The Supply & Demand is what determines everything in car shipping. With that said, you must be wondering how can you get your vehicle picked up first in such a competitive car hauling industry when auto shipping carriers can have limited space. The highest priced vehicles will be accepted by a Direct car hauler first on routes where there are high volumes of customers who need auto hauling services. If there is a lot of car carrier truck space available for the route, then the rates can be lowered depending on how much work is available to the car shipper. It does not matter when the customer enters their order as the auto transport industry is Day to Day. A consequence of daily fluctuating fuel rates. Again, the best paying vehicles will always move First. Some advice, Do Not low-ball A car shipper as there is always plenty of work available to choose from. We know this well. That is why we strive to issue you the right Quote Price, where a car carrier can be happy & profitable while you as the customer receive the best auto transportation care the industry has to provide. We vow to get you the best car hauler rate available without sacrificing auto shipper Quality. We find a spot in the middle for the customer & the car shipper to both be Happy. If you need Quick auto transportation, we can get you moved fast. Most routes require a 2-3 Pick-Up window but ask about expediting Your auto transportation needs. Get to your destination with Fast car shipping. It may cost you a few extra bucks but the speed is worth it.
To make it simple, the car shipping Industry can be split in 3 factions.
The Car Transport brokers,
The Car Carrier drivers &
The Troublesome Lead Providers.
The car transport brokers book most of the auto shipping work as they serve to provide the customer with auto transport service while providing the car carriers with available work. A Good auto shipping broker will tend to his orders form pickup to delivery. A bad auto transport broker will tend to let the auto hauler truck driver deal with the brunt of the customer service work. A car shipping broker is there to inform the customer of what the auto hauling service entails and how the Vehicle hauling service will perform from beginning to end. auto transport brokers are in place to filter out the serious orders form the simple inquiries. A car transport broker needs a auto shipping truck driver to pickup & deliver their vehicles. auto hauling truck drivers needs car shipping brokers to gather their orders for them. To be quite honest, it is a very effective system. No car shipping company can possibly service every route on the United States map. auto transportation brokers use Load boards such as Central Dispatch to get in touch with auto shipping truck drivers who are available on the requested routes. Again, drivers will Always take the highest paying cars available on these auto shipping load boards. Then, there is the auto transport Lead Providers. These are car shipping Quote Advertisement Hubs that serve to get You, the potential customer into contact with many, many & many auto shipping companies by simply submitting your contact information.
auto transport lead sites sell your information to Anyone who is buying. These car shipping lead providers do not pre-screen their buyers allowing highly deceitful individuals access to your personal contact information. Some of these Non-Reputable brokers will low-ball customers in hopes they gain their business in light of the high amount of contacts they know the potential client is receiving. When the actual car shipping driver who is doing the actual work does Not accept their low offer, the broker will be forced to ask their customer for more money in order for the driver to accept their order. This is known as the famous Bait & Switch.
There are no deals with Gasoline.
Avoid these car shipping Quote Generator sites at All costs. You will be Bombarded by unwanted calls from desperate & slimy auto transport brokers bent on promising you the best deals. Check their reviews & you will find their promises arrive empty & inflated.
BEST ADVICE: Do Your Own Research, Always.
Google search the name of the company you are dealing with or considering followed by the word “Reviews”. Google will provide you with All Review sites containing the requested companies name.
This will allow you to get to know the company you are considering before you actually give them the business. If they do Good Business, their reviews will reflect that. And Vice-Versa.
Viceroy Auto Trans is a family owned & operated car shipping company. We know that customer service & communication is key to successfully completing any automotive shipping order. Expect our auto transportation company to give you the best customer care available in the industry. Try us out. We know you will come back.
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Our Auto Transportation Services

Open Car Carrier Auto Transportation

 Open auto transport car carriers are the most economical & cheapest car hauler services we provide. Although your vehicle would be exposed to the open air during auto shipping, no tires will touch the ground till delivery is completed. All vehicles transported under our care are fully insured by the auto carriers cargo protection policy. Proof of insurance can be provided on Dispatch by request.   
Car Ship with Confidence. 

Enclosed Auto Transporter Trailer

 Enclosed car shipping containers protect your vehicle from the outside elements during transport. These enclosed auto carriers are also able to load vehicles too low to the ground by using a lift gate allowing our experienced enclosed auto haulers to effortlessly load your most valuable cars with ease. Transport your auto with peace of mind knowing your vehicle will arrive in the exact condition it was picked up in. Don't believe us? Give it a wash & wax before pickup. Watch it arrive without a blemish.   

Motorcycle Transporting & Shipping

 Get your bike transported safely from point A to B in one of our specialized motor bike carriers. Crated or strapped down, our professional bike haulers will be sure to deliver your motorcycle successfully & on time. This is the safest way to ship your bike anywhere when riding it to your destination is not an option. Ship your bike with confidence. All loads are 100% Fully Insured,   

Hawaii Car Shipping

 Do you need auto transportation to or from the Hawaiin islands? Let us help. We can coordinate everything from the Car hauler on the road to the ship that takes over at the port. Get your car shipped door to port or port to door easily. 

Alaska Auto Transport

Do  you need Auto Transportation to or from Alaska? Let us help. We can coordinate everything from the Auto Transport on the road to the boat that takes over at the port. Get your Auto Hauled Door to Port or Port to Door Easily.  

Boat Hauling & Transport

Do you need boat transportation within the United States? Do you need to haul your boat from state tosState? We can help & we can do it door to door. As long as its on a trailer, we can move it. Find out more by requesting a boat hauling quote now. 

Golf Cart Delivery 

 We have car carriers on stand by ready to pickup & delivery your golf carts fast & on time. We can take on any golf cart load whether you have one or many. Contact us now for a golf cart shipper free quote!   

Expedited Auto Shipping

 Do you need fast car shipping in a hurry? Ask about our expedited car transportation. it may cost a little bit more than the average pickup/delivery time but the speed could be well worth it. Try it out! 

100% Full Insurance Protection

 Auto haul with confidence. All of our expert car carriers are fully insured covering your vehicles during transport from damage. Our policy serves you bumper to bumper. Policy documents will be provided.   

Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Viceroy Auto Trans deliver my automobile door to door?
A: Our expert car carrier drivers prefer to transport their loads door to door on most routes. This avoids our auto shipper waiting for a customer to meet. They just simply arrive, load & go! Of course, if the roads prohibit or the law restricts in the area, then the auto hauling driver would contact the customer ahead of time to secure a more accessible pickup/delivery location close by. Keep in mind, our dispatch team is always on stand by to assist with any & All auto transport information or updates.   

Q: Does my vehicle stay on the same car carrier trailer till delivered?

 A: Yes. Our auto haulers prefer to Not move your vehicles around once they are loaded onto the auto transporter. Before the route begins, our car shipping logistics teams plan the routes before hand & carefully schedule all auto transportation loads to flow smoothly. The same auto carrier driver that picks your car up will be the same auto hauler that drops your car off. We provide all contact information for the car shipper driver direct so you may stay in touch from pickup to delivery is completed.   

Q: Can I track my car shipment while its being transported?

 A: As things advance technologically speaking, some car shipping companies will offer some sort of tracking system. Keep in mind, Satellite tracking & GPS monitoring can get quite expensive. Most car carriers are simply owner-operators who do not own GPS equipment & would rather not due to expenses. GPS tracking is mainly reserved for military Auto Shipping or high profile car transportation. That is why we connect you direct with your auto hauler. Stay in touch with direct car carrier contact information.   

Q: Is my car protected from damage during the car shipping process?

 A: Yes. Your vehicle would be completely insured under the cargo protection policy required by law to operate in the United States under D.O.T. Proof of auto transport insurance can be provided by the car carrier direct prior to pickup. Complete both car shipping vehicle inspections with the car carrier driver on pickup & delivery to ensure the vehicles condition. Our claims department is always here to assist you with all of your needs. 100% Guaranteed!   

Q: Can I pack personal items in my car while in transportation?

 A: We strongly advise that you do not due to liability reasons. Keep in mind, the vehicle is fully insured but things not part of the car are not. Simple rule of thumb if you must pack something in the vehicle: keep it below 100 lbs while concealed & secured. If you must pack more than the noticeable amount, the car carrier may add a small fee on top of the main cost due to the weigh station fees and liability of personal items. Drivers will not assume liability for personal items.   

Q: Who can I contact while my car is being transported for shipping updates?

A: Direct car carrier contact information is always provided to the customer as communication is key in all successful auto transports. Sometimes, our car haulers are driving or busy loading/unloading a vehicle. Our car shipping customer service logistics dispatch team is always here to assist with any questions, updates or concerns. You will be provided your own personal auto shipping logistics specialist who will monitor your shipment from pickup to delivery.

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